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Update Sneak Peek

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    I think they renamed Kringle and made him an evil minion, it says krimpus but I think it means krampus
  • I'm surprised there is even an update. Pleasantly surprised.
  • Not only is this update going to be disappointing, but keep in mind that it's 7 new warriors. That means 6 new warriors for the green door and one free warrior to everyone for their "patience" under the holiday warrior collection. In other words, no new honor door or epic door warriors and since the tapjoy video scheme ended there's very little chance for players to actually keep their full books. Long story short, 6 new unattainable and unimpressive warriors being released once every 14 days.
  • @Tanek Tapjoy scheme? Whatare you talking about?
  • 32 new Warriors/minions are coming, check the top left Corner in the video, Tanek plz if u are upsetti have some spaghetti
  • I am looking forward to it.
  • Ummm did I see a new element called NEUTRAL in the video??? So how skill paths like Hunter( which has been taken some hits lately) are going to work??? Ummm Interesting!!!
  • The update is probably going to be good rather than ruin the game (obviously), however new warriors can be awesome just look at the looks of them. I know they don't have a historical figure but who knows? Maybe they have a historical-ish look to them. Like that Kilk-Klak guy is a withered Manawa or something like that. Wouldn't that be just a cool thing to implement? Personally, I can't wait for the update to come out!! I love this AWESOME game!

  • @alan this is pathetic. i don't play anymore. but none of this will revive this game.
  • edited April 2016
    @clc898 Then leave, simple as that. :/
  • @alan i will say what i want on this forum as it is a public domain. i will continue to be negative until i see positive outcomes. currently there is nothing. i have been apart of this forum from the beginning and had plenty of positive perspectives previously in this game. i have only played 3 games in my life for the period of time i played this one. i had a ton of hope for it, so i will be a negative nancy until they prove me wrong. this is the first time i have looked this week. so don't worry, i don't come around often. :D

    As for the historical warriors, this game was derived on the preface of utilizing heroes and warriors from history hence the name World of Warriors. It is great to see an iconic hero like Leonidas grace our presence. I loved watching the movie Dragon Blade that 4 historical warriors from this game in it.

    The neutral element is cool, but it simply makes the warriors just physically oriented warriors which there are plenty of already. Unless they have a completely new set of SMs which it doesn't look like based on the sneak peak. They need new game play. They ruined the game with the arena when they eliminated the original tower. Were you playing this game then? You would have saw the enjoyment of actually creating strategies based on your opposition versus blind picking.
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    @clc898 Been around since Zahra season in the tower, so I guess? Truthfully to me, I dont really care, I could always make due with it

    And about historical or non historical warriors, hey Ive been making OCs based on the game, aside from doing art on the warriors already in the game, even came up with some new moves for them, so would you get butthurt and outright deny them if I were to introduce them?
  • @alan i would be happy if they took your actual historical warriors and not minions.
  • @alan so you played the last 4 old tower seasons? do you think the arena is an upgrade from the old style tower?

    truthfully, i care that the game has gone in such a downward spiral. the company ignored tons of feedback from their customers. they had negative comments about the direction of the game play when the arena was initiated and did nothing about it even when they said the arena would be evolving and we are only in stage 1 of it. it hasn't changed.
  • @clc898 In a way yes, although I do agree blind pick is something I dont like either
  • Guys, I know some are getting a little anxious but lets just wait and see what new features they will bring. Remember thats just a preview and maybe they will:

    - Bring back the Tower seasons for you to get the new minions and keep the Arena season for historical warriors.

    -Also I think maybe these new minions arent just minions, they could actually be the evil side of every warrior. I saw an evil Manawa and an evil Makito there, so maybe the game will add a new storyline about the warrior being force to go into the "Dark" side, who knows!!!!!! But it sounds legit :) Would you imagine a dark version of Tiberius, it would definitely look good.

    -They might bring new story and challenges, and that of course, is me being positive!!! If the game at least doesnt get close to meet our expectations then we just quit and live our lifes like normal people :)

  • I like the dark side of the story.. but that's too creative from MC. +1 @Lou_Cou
  • edited April 2016
    @Lou_Cou See this is why I like you, rather than being a close minded pessimist, you like to see the good of things +1
  • I want them all apart from krimpus
  • @MJM0708 @alan @elmasto @war4yu Im glad you all like that idea, a plot twist like that would definitely be something to admire!!! Let's see what they bring!!!
  • @Lou_Cou we need more optimistic players like you my friend, I totally agree with being positive at this time specially when it comes with new hope and new stuff to the game,

    What you said might be imaginary but its not very far and I would love to see somthing more than what our thoughts and our expectations

    It's magnificent and very joyful, we are finally getting update to our most lovable game

    So enjoy it
    Live it
    Wait for it
    Be up to it
  • My Wang is up for it.
  • edited April 2016
    I <3 players like @Lou_Cou !!! I don't think I need to say much more. He said all of what I want to say! THANK YOU!! +1

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