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Update Sneak Peek

  • After a long time suffering......I returned for this update for a while.I still like this game when there is something new
  • So all the new warriors are going to be bad guys?
  • Wtf are these warriors....
    Releasing historical warriors is better imo...
  • Sad to not hear about any new historical warriors.

    What about new gameplay? Are you fixing the crappy arena? The arena is what killed this game. I still don't understand how that isn't obvious. It was supposed to continue to be fixed but nothing has happened.

    Sigh... I don't think this is enough to get back me back.

    Neutral elemental simply means you need more physically oriented warriors. Pass.
  • @AlboinIsLove @Bernardo4982 dont be haters, be exited for the update
  • @benisforawesome most of them have already exited
  • Theres still hope. It says "new gifts and CONTENT" hopefully content means gameplay related and such
  • edited March 2016
    @AlboinIsLove @clc898 @Bernardo4982 Complaing about technical difficulties in the game is one thing but you guys are just being ridiculous at this point, they acknowledged the delay they left on us and for that theyre notifying us of another good update, and the first thing that comes out of your guys mouth is how the new warriors arent historical?. God maybe its no wonder why Mind Candy decided to give the game to some other company just so they dont have to hear your constant whinings.
  • Youre right @alan those warriors actually look pretty cool its just that I love history and I have learnt a lot about different real warriors I liked that they were real but yeah at least we have something now after so much time
  • new characters to obtain. it is good but is not sustainable.

    there should be new way of playing... make the game more friendly (user interface, bug fixes)....
  • I hope most of the characters in the arena, then through the western door
  • They look really cool!
  • edited March 2016
    I think I see thunder strike, and maybe stun strike.. Hope we get some new SM..the look on some of those minions are very fresh and I do appreciate that!
  • @alan I think you are missing the point of their complaints!! This game is called world of warriors and its concept was to be able to fight with authentic, history related characters...

    What we get instead is bunch of made up minions...guys around here had so many ideas for future warriors - why they didn't use that to make a decent update?

    Ps. And MC moved away from this game because they had no idea how to make it work - by being too greedy they have killed their golden goose/hen...and gave it to someone who seems not to know the concept either...

    Just brilliant!!
  • If I can only choose one I'd rather have new map or gameplay than new warriors. What's the point of using new warriors to do the same thing repeatedly???
  • Here's the thing, if they add new levels, players will be done with it immidiatly, by adding new warriors, a new concept, players will likely be playing around with it for a long time, so quit your b_itching and try to enjoy the game, I personally love the idea for a neutral element, it adds something completely new that isn't based on dumping your money and gems in a hopeless pit, so try to take what you can get and SHUT THE FUK UP!!!
  • Guys, maybe that's all just... an introduction trailer. I've noticed Klik Klak performing Rolling Thunder and its red, meaning he might will be a fire minion.
  • Here's the thing. If they add new levels, players will enjoy them without spending. If they add new warriors, players will spend to get them.
  • Interesting. Very interesting.

    I like the part about giving out the Christmas warrior in April XD
  • @Kemical Can't wait for easter bunny in December...:)
  • @WoW_WoW Good to see you're still around, sir! Hope you're doing well.
  • @bvs72 No one is spending anything anymore. This game is beyond dead at this point and 7 new warriors and one new skill after over 6 months of waiting is not going to do anything to change that.
  • @Kemical Thanks man - I'm still around - playing wow to collect 3 swords rewards and visiting forum every now and then with a hope for a news about game resurrection...:-) But as @Tanek said just above - this game is dead as dodo...

    Ps.Hope you are well buddy!!
  • Corvus has Stun Strike and Klik-Klak has Rolling Thunder.
  • @Kemical wondering if the free warrior is neutral or water. What do you think?
  • @chessplays Almost certainly water. I doubt they did much to Kringle's model.
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