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Update on the update!

  • @bvs72 I know it's soon, but I'm asking for a more specific date.
  • @Egottawa they said that the update is around the first week of April.
  • K thanks
  • Glad we're finally getting some new enemies. Might be a step in the right direction. Really tired of fighting Gutrot, Driz and Conjuctus so often.
  • Ghey said sometime early in april
  • @LeRocIsThor they said that we would be able to PLAY as them.
  • only then the legends return.
  • And that legend is @MVP . Nice to see you back!
  • @Egottawa I don't think this update is good enough for a return
  • Oh. That's disappointing
  • @benisforawesome, yes. But I am highly doubtful that they would add new enemies solely for the use of the player. Given the fact that there are so few of them, I assume each of them will have a non-first-wave Special move. It only makes too much sense for them to add them to the portal/story/tower/etc. fights.
  • edited March 2016
    Ćáń't wåįt før thę üpdãtē ;) ;)
  • Yeah @MVP - im fairly deep into Dungeon boss now. They run almost daily events that are typically worth grinding. There is always something to do that will progress your game...unlike here

    I'm not sure what MC plans to do but if it is simply to dump these new warriors in the green or red door and not change how people get the in game currency, then it will fail in its attempt to get me playing again.

    Spend $1,000 and you MIGHT get a new warrior assuming you are sitting on a full book is completely dumb and is what drove a lot of players away from this title...MC were too greedy and did not listen when players that were SPENDING money were warning them that the reward for spending any more was diminishing faster than they were comfortable with...the more you spent, the less you got for your is a completely ridiculous business model and over time even drives free players away. (play for a year, save all your stones, and then be disappointed when the worthless dupes roll in thick and fast)
  • I'm curious to see what bugs they will invent
  • or you can just get a system and play REAL games :)
  • an update? lol
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