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GOlNAZ ELECTRIC | The Green Devil Warrior Revealed

Alright. I'm here to brighten up this forum, with some art!!

It is revealed to the true side, me as a warrior. I just want to dive in about my sword! My sword is green and brown, and is nature-like. Inside my sword is a substance like thing that is lemon-lime soda. To make the soda fresh, inside is a small fan to make bubbles rise in my sword. Yum! But how do I drink it. It opens at the tip of my sword, and it only opens in a secret way. Well doesn't that mean the sword will get empty? No, not at all, when soda get removed from the sword, it produces very quickly. Sometimes, the soda can heal injuries, if I have a good relationship with the other person, and can also heal myself. Pretty cool, huh?

Golnaz Electric
The Green Devil Warrior
Element: None
Special Move: Surprise Frenzy, Performs a randomly Special Move every time.
Like: Birds and Roses
Dislike: Wasting Useful Needs

Finished date: March 20, 2016


Then, I might as well show the other arts of the WOW style (unknown date) and the first time I drew this, which was May 15, 2015.


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