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Happy weekend Warriors! (:D

I am almost done with another WOW art, and I don't know what to draw after that.
So.......I DOING MY FIRST "WIN AN ART REQUEST'" by yours truly, Golnaz Electric!

I though and though about how you can win this first request, then I finally came up with something!

First one to guess what my name means (WITHOUT SEARCHING IT UP) wins a request done by me!
(F.Y.I. my name is Golnaz.) But if no one guesses the right answer, then I will pick the person with the closest answer.
You may only guess three times in the same comment.

How it should look like:

Golnaz Electric <---(this should be your username when you post the comment.)
1. answer 1
2. answer 2
3. answer 3

Good luck and have fun! No cheating otherwise you're disqualified!
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