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World of Warriors Update News (29/01/16)

  • Yes! I also want to hear that Father Christmas exists ....

    Whining people like you said are the ones who most enjoyed the game.
    Three months ago they expected something new.
    Which mobile game people are willing to wait an update for so long ?

    stop the sheep who are always happy for anything

  • See thats what I meant. Those random moments of joy can happen when you pull a SUPER RARE from 5 honour stones
  • So what now @Eevee shouldn't there be some news by now at least?
  • I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly shocked I will be if the promised update doesn't come on time...WoW updates have never let me down before, please don't start now
  • MC is dead... Forever
  • Never................
  • C'mon Guys don't drop your hopes now, you just gotta believe in the heart of the cards
  • If they were 100% dead, they would give us a sign, but NO they didn't! They're alive!
  • Hopefully
  • They're still updating their twitter and facebook page, which shocks me.
  • Lol... has anyone realized that Eevee hasn't been on here since 2/19? Good luck getting any sort of update. This game is dead. Glad I haven't wasted my time the past 3 months on it. (But upset about the last year or so ;'( )
  • still nothing??

    goodness me, this company really is a bit of a joke.

    Back to Dungeon boss for me...Found IGOROK in that game and am feeling good about that at least! lol

    For those that care (none of you, but you are getting this update anyway), I just need one more celestial evo and 20 more tokens and then he is ascended and levelled...feeling good about that too :)
  • Stopped playing continuously long time not playing at all.
    Game Over! :-(
    The last word should be:
    How to transform a potential masterpiece in a flop...
  • This game is in, like a coma, u don't know when it will die but they are keeping it up unless it wakes up. So sad that a beautiful game must die.
    The situation is critical.
    It's very hard to think about a future. If there will be a future, many of us will follow if this time the greed will not drive the policy.
  • Very difficult times.... But we STILL have hope.image

  • I have reserved my front row seat for the end.

  • @bvs72 don't forget to book a place for Chelsea next to you
  • Also get the blood sacrifice daggers ready. Its gonna be a massacre
  • I still have hope .. This is the greatest game of android as I've been playing it for almost two years till today
  • Guys im sure the update will come soonly
  • Guessing at the start of April...
  • Guys I'm sure the update will never come.

    Writing on the wall is telling us that it's just getting worse week by week. Actually I don't believe there is a human being managing this game anymore.

    Any 'normal', healthy business can't affort all these things to happen. This game has all the clear symptoms of agony and not a single sign of recovery.

    What is promising in the business that doesn't give a flying **** about its customers? The Forum is a cementary with some sad ghosts (like me) hanging around. You can't get any answer from MC but you can literally do whatever you want here. If @corky was here you would find a poo in every thread, if @stevebollinger was here his dog would **** all over the place. But even they don't care.

    Or the latest Arena pathetic mess. Wrong clock on the banner for 6(!) days. No one reacted. Not even 'I'm sorry and kiss our arse' afterwards.

    Do you remember a classic qoute from David's Fincher 'Seven'? 'If he lived he would stand up'. If the game lived it would behave like alive. The game is dead.

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