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World of Warriors Update News (29/01/16)

  • @ninefingers - probably...

    But it sounds like a cash grab.

    Some new warriors.

    No new gameplay.

    Hopefully they are arena prizes and not western warriors.

    I found out today that in dungeon boss, when you have fully levelled up a warrior, you no longer find them in their version of the NO dupes. I was dumb struck...seems crazy that a game company would not try and keep ripping you off...
  • I presume we will find more Combo Rush warriors.image
  • edited February 2016
    The party is back lads! image
  • Perhaps, they might introduce a complete new element of warriors to the game. That would make more sense. But I'm afraid they won't release anything good in gameplay. Clans are great to add, but also bossfights or tournaments to get yourself a new warrior by completing a number of fights...
  • They will add warriors. Thats it.

    Outside chance of more single player missions.

    There is no chance of them developing the game in my view...not now...and maybe not ever.

    The new company are pushing a new game...
  • @riveral what new game are they pushing?
  • @RiveraL you say tha but I've had about 40/50 goes in the gem portal of dungeon boss without a single summon.. The all rip you off in different ways imo, dungeon boss is just less subtle about it.
  • @zarolio - save up 2,700 gems and you are guaranteed a summon...or equivalent tokens. Its a far more rewarding system than WoW runs. The players that have pulled the most over there have unquestionably the better warriors (better skills, higher ratings, etc)


  • @riveral haha. whoa. yup so maybe they saw it wasn't being managed at all and are deciding to abandon it. this new game could be cool? :)
  • These guys seem to be the crew that ran Wow - split off somehow and made not sure, I've not really read anything about them...

    They perhaps have limited resource and are focussing it on a new game as opposed to developing WoW...

    New game could be cool but, well, ya know, might not be either
  • Does that mean no more WOW? image
  • @RiveraL is the middle one in the picture master fu?
  • Master F.U. I think... @Chaoskid357
  • @RiveraL that's what he basically screams when you pull him
  • About another week till we find out about the new update! So excited!!
  • I decided not to hold my breath. Eevee went too quiet so im not expecting much...and im expecting a delay...
  • Oh we won't hear the first week in March. That is too hopeful. Expect something near the middle to latter half of the month. The game has no chance of going back to its previous stature. I may play again if something new happens, but otherwise, I won't be hopping on.
  • @RiveraL I bet you @Eevee 's working on a new AWESOME warrior
  • I think @Eevee is taking a well deserved vacation. Hopefully it is not one of the permanent ones in which she runs off with Batman.
  • Happy March. :smile:
  • Only those who trust in MC may be disappointed...
  • @rkstar @Eevee

    Are we still on target for an "early March" update?

  • What do you mean @ninefingers by "early March" update?

    Still 1 year remaining till news about the update on March 2017*

    *subject to change
  • I don't think we're on any target.
    They didn't even bother to put a banner for the current Arena. They're still 'announcing' Tiberius & Wallace Arena Season on the Forums and Gwen as a new arrival.
    I don't really think there's someone there. They're 'like a wind'. No one left, just like after a nuclear war.

    But if this is so they should really do something for the players, there's no reason to make it harder on us if the game is dead anyway. Change the odds in the DoE (for example), let the guys enjoy some new legends, give some ws to everybody etc. At least the last memory of this game will be positive.
  • @Eevee not been on line since the 19th erm...yeah.
  • @23Timmy23 Have some spirit in yourself! If you admit that MC don't care about WOW anymore than why the hell go on this forum?

    Yes, its unlikely that MC will add some new gameplay BUT IT IS STILL POSSIBLE!!!!

    We just have to give them as much support as we can. And be like this : image
  • @BorisTheBoss Yes! That's what I want to hear! No whining people!
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