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Common Dupes = no green stones after update

Title of the thread pretty much says it all. I just pulled 5 common dupes from the Honor Door and each time it gives 0 green stones to collect!!
  • we only get green stones with rare, super rare, legendary dupes
  • since when @contra? Is that a new policy? Common dupes since the 1.11 update have given 2 green stones. The game still has the "collect" button w/ the common dupes but it is reading "0 Warrior stones" now. So when you push "collect" you get exactly that: 0 rather than 2.
  • nevermind, your right...
  • Can pull from the DoE still? If you can, ticket it
  • Same for me, but for rares too..
  • just Honor door @kage55? or DoE also?
  • That was from honor, but later I got 2 from a common so I think its fine now. @apollos712
  • yes @kage55 i just tried again, got a dupe and got the 2 green stones. so that glitch seems to be fixed now. (Nice to have one fixed quickly). ... now i just need to have them refund the 10 green stones i missed...
  • i just pulled like 20 times and i got all commons back which i saced. this is really strange. no dupes at all.....
  • I don't feel anything changed after two days of waiting.
  • Please drop us an email about anything you're missing so that we can investigate and replace what's needed :)
  • thanks @eevee. I opened a ticket. I'm sure they'll get to it in process.
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