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Need Help:)

I had a problem with collecting my three swords. After Every third sword there stand that I collected it and I couldn't get my new warrior/Dupe. I wrote an e-mail to the support team of World of Warriors and after 2/3 days they wrote back and said, I should say them my user name, software version and there also stand that I post them a screen.

Should I say them my Ingame name or what??I'm not sure.

Is it bad, when I don't post them a screen. Because I haven't any.

And they need also the game number or so
Where does it stand???
  • ingame name.
    I also post a screenshot to them.
    software version is the number on the top right when you start the game.
  • If you send an email from within the game it'll send us the details we need automatically :) OR you can collect the details from that email and copy and paste it in response to our email back to you.
  • What I did was take a screen shot after the reward missed up, they accept it
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