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The purpose of Double Strike?

edited January 2016 in Game Chat
after so many effort trying to pull Mani out of the Red door, i finally got him. but now there's a new problem. I don't understand his SM. First, he can only do a little damage and call someone else to fight . second, why is it called Double Strike when he can't even use it on himself?? if i want to call him out i have to use 3 mana to summon him back in the battle which is a stupid way to spend mana, his stats are pretty decent, i really like the design and i want to use him. so can anyone explain how this skill works?tks
  • Double Strike is used to bring in heavy hitters like Furio, Helios and Mungo onto the field without having to use their self damaging SMs. It's a tactical SM as opposed to a damaging one.
  • but if you use it then the warrior would be tag in the fight, like if i have Mungo as a heavy hitter, he has a great attack but he's also fragile with light armor and low HP. wouldn't it be bad if he got tagged in? he would become the tank for Mani? if only it call out someone and then Mani still came back.
  • More for Ardo, Dao, Furio, Helios. Mungo not so much.
  • Hua too her SM sucks
  • @AlboinIsLove it's the same as her NM
  • Admittedly, Mungo isn't the best example for a double strike partner. But I can see situations where I would rather use double strike instead of Berzerk to bring Mungo into a fight- precisely because Mungo is fragile.
  • This is quickly becoming one of the worst SMs for me, and almost certainly the worst offensive SM.
  • I 'm agree with you @Tanek
    Waiting for the 4-pip but ....
  • This SM is not very useful
  • i'm soooo disappointed guys. at lv 22 he only does a small damage and another normal strike from another one. i think this is some sort of bug in the game. at least they can give 1 normal attack from mani and another NM from another warriors.
  • and he's a super rare and has 2 pip SM . that souldn't be bad. All the new SM like twister and shock storm is already bad but this is even worse
  • You have to use him with warriors that have great NM damage but a weak/detrimental SM (Team strikers are the easiest example). I think Double Strike also brings much more use to Hua, since her SM is not really worth it, and you really want her to tag in, since she has huge damage stats, and is quite tanky (good HP, shell, med armour)
  • I know @Chaoskid357 it's a waste of mana
  • hmm, i get it now,but what about The double striker himself. mani has a decent stats too you know. he can take some hits but if i use the SM he will forever be in the back. until the heavy hitter die, unless other opponent skill affect him like Switch strike or stun strike.
  • If his NM is decent, slap a Revenge and regeneration talismans on Mani and put him on clean up duty.
  • edited January 2016
    @minh_74 You really do need a VC badge.
  • In addition to bring in heavy hitter with teamstrike, berserk... you could also use double strike to bring out heavy hitter booster like Labashi, Simo. Then you don't need to waste a turn to boost (or if you already boost earlier) and can hit right away. For Mani to bring out Labashi might actually work really well as you will usually have Water to hit Mani, then you bring out Labashi with Air to hit hard.
    Other use will be soul stealer like Jacko or Vlad. Probably work better with Etherled as you want Fire to counter Earth... both Jacko and Vlad had tremendous elemental and can use it without triggering their physical-only SM.
  • @MJM0708, I may need a VC banner, but do I want one? Many of the past VCs have left the forum.
  • That's true. I think it would be awesome if you get one though. You deserve it! @minh_74 (I have no clue how I didn't see that mis-tag. I used the auto fill one. :tongue:)
  • wow i never thought about working with a booster, that's actually a gooood idea. thank you all for the help.
  • I guess you could call in Everard as well. He's a 1 pip Healer than can deal decent damage.
  • Come to think of it, Ethelred has just become Makito, Breth, Agoolik and Flavia's best friend. These warriors who previously had trouble entering the arena due to tactical reasons have just become more dangerous.
  • best warriors with a double strike partner are hard hitting normal attackers that have a self-damaging special, a SM that is better to use once injured (like soul steal), or simply a useless SM (either in the current situation or just ever like Stun Strike). Vlad, Ardo, Dao, Juba, Furio, Helios, Mungo, Gunnar, Unk, Kendrix, Everard, Brutus, Jack-Off, Kashta, Waza, Ragnar, Ten Bears, Yi Ho, Crockett, and the list can go on...
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    I found double strike is a good SM on defensive team in Arena, since you cannot collect health and mana after the strike, just like counterblow and combo rush. But as an offensive side, you can put Mani (leader), Dao, Biby or Amadok, and enjoy!
  • @hupk why are you commenting on a 2 year old post wtf
  • @benisforawesome Just reminding MC they still got a mtfk old game there.
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