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3 sword pull

I've been unlucky enough now to get a third sword on the last pull of the month. I've sent in a support ticket (328690-1451463580) but surely this can't be that hard to fix? I know we're unlikely to get new content now, but the effort needed to fix this would be less than sorting out all the tickets...
  • Second month in a row for me.
  • @minh_74 Same for me! The odds on that are quite small, but it still means sorting out tickets. I don't think there's any programming going on at all anymore...
  • @gradders I can see that you received a response from us today. Let us know if there is anything else we may assist you with.
  • @Lee_MC Thanks Lee. Nice warrior and I've been looking for him for ages. Thanks
  • i had a problem which mean the option to spend 10 wildstones for DOE didnt come it just opened and wasted the 10 i was saving for arena WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OPTION WHAT A RIP OFF -______- @Lee_MC
  • @Orion_Warlock Please send us an email from the Settings menu in the game, by tapping on 'Contact Help & Support' and we will be happy to look into this for you.
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