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Arena Match Loading

The problem I always have is that after selecting figth to battle against a defense team at the arena, the loading screen shows up where the two profiles of the opponents appear and then the game freezes, the loading bar below stops moving and then after s couple of minutes the app closes by itself, losing the warriors for a day and the durability of my talismans, this issue happens atleast once a day and I already have sent two tickets, the first one the support team replied with the following steps to solve my issue but the problem still persists, to close all background apps and reset my device Iphone 6s by holding the lock and home button at the same time, I have done this reset every time the game hangs so I do this every day and it doesnt solve the issue, and I think resetting my device too many times can be harmful I dont know, anyways it doesnt solve anything, the last ticket I sent was 4 days ago and still no response. Anyone knows how to solve this or had experience this issue ?
  • @Manila
    I'm really sorry you're having this issue! We're currently a bit backed up, but we should be able to respond to you soon and help look into this further.
  • I received your response, to turn off advance graphic settings and sound, but I dont understand why I have to sacrifice graphics and sound if my Iphone 6s is completely fine, I mean its the only app I have, I have plently of space, I have a superb Wi Fi connection and I m the only one using it, I dont understand why I am experiencing this issues, if I had a really old phone and a bad connection I would understand but thats not the case, before deleting all other apps the only app that crashes was World of Warriors, still deleting all other apps doesnt help at all.
  • @Manila Please reply to our latest email and we will get back to you shortly.
  • Still having the same issue, I replied to the email @Lee_MC
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