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Spend 100 green gems but got nothing

Please look after this
i have spent 100 to open western door but i haven't seen any hero come out
  • What exactly happened? Did your game crash?
  • When i open western door it says 'you need to be online'
    After that 100 gem is gone and i got nothing
  • send support ticket to wow support
  • @Chriz133 Please send us an email from within the Settings menu by tapping on 'Contact Help & Support' and we will be happy to look into this for you.
  • Send email at
  • Same here I had 1 hundred and something and suddenly I ended up with 38
  • @Chriz133 That's correct. :)

    @Bernardo4982 Please send us a support ticket as well, and we will be happy to look into this for you.
  • I sent a ticket yesterday no response
  • edited December 2015
    This sometimes happens when you tried to open the western door.I have experienced twice since the update and it will took a long time(at least 4-5 days)for MC to return the Warriors Stones to you.This bug must really be fixed as soon as possible MC.
  • @Bernardo4982 Could you please reply to this thread with your ticket number, so we can check on your case? You'll find this number in the subject line of the automatic response you received from us after sending your email.

  • I have this problem too and i dont know who to send my email, so anyone can help me my gmail is ivanvistica**** and my nick in wow is navus plz help me
  • @Navus Please send us an email by heading to the 'Settings' menu in the game and tapping on 'Contact Help & Support'.

    Another option is to simply send us an email at ''.

    Once we receive your ticket, we will be happy to help you out.
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