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game's problem

hi there, I think that there is a big problem with this game. That is when I finished collect my free warriors and gems on daily awards, then the game start to tell me that "You have a Save Game on the cloud, your game will now update to this". After that, all my collected rewards and progress was all gone! That is the most serious problem I have ever encountered. I also lost many stars I have just earned on the arena.
  • Have you tried Facebook?
  • yes, i tried facebook already and the problem still occur

  • Hi Metallica (awesome name!)

    Please could you provide detailed steps of how this happens? E.G if my game were crashing after the Daily Rewards, I'd detail something like this:

    1. I open world of warriors
    2. The Daily Reward selects a prize
    3. I claim the Daily Reward
    4. My game crashes, closing and taking me to my device home screen

    Thanks! I've moved your thread to the Technical Issues & Support category.
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