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Full site version of forum

Hi @Eevee I used to be able to change to the desktop version of the forum even on the mobile by clicking the "Full site" option at the bottom of the page. However it doesn't seem to work anymore. I use the full site because of the search function which I believe is not available in the mobile version. Have there been changes made? Thank you.

  • There are just some points where if you click full site it takes you back to the mobile site, you have to wait a bit until it blows over
  • Hey Kkwok2000, is the option still there? What comes up when you select to view the full site? We haven't made any changes and it seems to work ok at the moment for me. If you're able to post screenshots that would be super helpful :) If you'd prefer to email ( that's fine too.
  • Hi @Eevee when I click Full site now it simply takes me back to the home screen (ie Categories, Announcements, Game Chat etc) of the mobile site.
    Hi @Chaoskid357 you seem to know what my issue is. Do you know if there is a way to get round the problem? No matter how I click or wait it still takes me back to the mobile site home screen.
    Anyway if this persisted I will send a ticket. Thanks both.
  • That's weird! What device are you on, and are you using the built in browser or a downloaded one? (if downloaded, which one?)

    Are you already signed in when you try to switch from mobile to the full site? Thanks for the info! Be interested to know more about your experience with this @Chaoskid357
  • @Eevee iPhone5s just the standard browser that came with the phone. I didn't do anything special to the phone...
  • Whether signed in or not signed in the problem is there.....
  • It's happened to me twice before, I just waited and it went away
  • Hi @Eevee @Chaoskid357 is right, overnight the problem went away itself. I am good now. How weird!
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