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a month ago there was something wrong going on with the daily reward. I have collect my third sword but still not get my free warrior. Then I asked for help. Luckily came @evee to help me but after a view days @Eevee left my. Then came dave out of nothing to help me i whas happy but the problem is dave also left my. Now i have waiting a month but I still have not gotten my free warrior please fix this for my!
  • Sorry to hear this has not been resolved. If you sent us a ticket, could you please reply with the ticket number we sent you so I can look into this matter for you? Thanks!
  • @TheDave i com from the netherland and my englis is not so good sorry to hear dad but what do you mean (the ticket number)
  • Hey HZTEB, on the auto-response you would have received from us, you'll see some numbers have been added to the subject line. They look something like this: 123456-1234567890, please can you provide us with the first six numbers :)
  • is it the (device number ID) or the (User ID)
  • @HZTEB These numbers are in the subject line of the email response you received from us, not the body.

    It should appear like this: "World of Warriors Support [123456-1234567890]"
  • I dont have received your email
  • @HZTEB You should have received an automatic response form us after sending your email. If you did not receive this response, please check your 'Spam' folder.

    If this still does not work, please send us a new email by tapping on 'Contact Help & Support' within the Settings menu.
  • I have send you a new email
  • edited December 2015
    @Lee_MC i cant send you a email
    It says: the server does not accepts the receiver
  • Hi HZTEB, sorry to see you've had trouble getting your email to us :( I'll drop an email to the address you've used on your forums profile, and hopefully you'll then be able to respond to that with no issue.
  • Evee i got your email
  • @Eevee i have sending you a email its says again: the server does not accepts the receiver. I've tried community@worldofwarriors,, community @ world of warriord, and i've tried community @world of But it does not work
  • edited December 2015
    Hire is my ticket number that i have received
    Ticket # 327478-1450883385
  • @HZTEB I am very sorry that you are having trouble sending us an email. Did you try replying to the email you received from us?

    If this doesn't work there may be an issue with your email client. Are you able to send emails to other addresses? You may need to get in touch with your email provider to sort out this issue.

    Could you send this email using a friend or family member's address in the meantime?
  • edited December 2015
    I can send an email to friends and family but not to world of warriors
  • @HZTEB I am very sorry to hear this. Are you able to reply to the email that you received from us? If not, you may need to contact us using a different email address.
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