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Master Fu The Mysterious Zhou

Got lucky again on the western door pulling Master Fu. Really like him on arena cause counter blow is one of my favorite special move. No heart recovery is really OP.

Master Fu The Mysterious Zhou
SM : 2pip counter blow
Skill Path : shell - autopotion - recharge

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Till the next video!!!
  • Why are they adding random warriors that are made up. I liked how they had warriors that ACTUALLY existed in real life.
  • @Jono8 The Zhou Dynasty was in fact a real place. He was likely a real person, but they have added something into the game nobody really wanted.
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    @Jono8 Kringle has been around and no one complained. These new warriors are also called "Special Warriors" and have been featured in the campaign. So it's not like they're just completely coming up with them now. They've always been there. Just not playable ;)

    Oh and the skull guards didn't ACTUALLY exist in real life either :p
  • After watching your video, I think fu isn't really that bad.
  • @casualplayer thanks for watching. i dont find him really that bad too. in fact i like pairing him up with air booster cause of his high elemental and against water warriors he can be a nightmare.
  • @casualplayer: Fu isn't that bad because in the video, he is like at least 1-2 levels above AI. Look at that match reward, it is only 200ish for most matches. In general, unless you are seriously handicap in elemental, 200-300 battle should be very easy.

    Sorry @skip, no offense. I think there are much better Air warrior against water.. including Erika, Ping, Helios, Sama, Viri... and maybe even Maximus!

    Nice videos though!
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    @war4yu i agree there are much better air warriors but i dont think he's trash as some might claim. it really depends on your play style i like to think every warrior is good enough if you play them well. all warriors have their advantages and disadvantages. i dont write off any warrior just because of their stats i find them a good team where they can really shine.

    well on the point of match system i cant do anything about it cause i make my warriors on their max level and i fight what the AI presents to me without talismans or boosts even if the other team is all jeweled up.
  • @skip. Understood.. just a suggestion, maybe next time you can do video when you are at level 41-42 (before going into 44) ,and also at 44 max level. At 41-42, you will also likely be matched with all 44, so we will see how "most of us" face :)
    I like the fact that you pair with booster. Make Fu strong point shine, and in general boosters are tank and can take hits and have Fu unleash.
  • Very nice! But very Low Physical.Is his physical lower than Ping's?
  • His Elemental is high. and It looks like he's based off Pai Mei from Kill Bill
  • Somebody was late to the party...this thread is 2 years old.
  • Doesn't count. ..I was only commenting on the necromancy.
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