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Raining Kwan

Three door pull for 2 minutes and I got triple Kwan ? LOL. Is this random. 5 door open ( 1 Karrion and 4 **** Kwan =)) ).
  • Send a ticket
  • I already send them. They replied :
    ''Hi there,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the duplicates from the Temple when summoning a Warrior. I can understand how frustrating this must be when using your valuable Wildstones. The prizes summoned from the Temple are down to chance, where it's more likely to receive a Common Warrior than a Legendary; so some luck is certainly involved.

    When summoning a Battle Twin (a duplicate Warrior) you will receive the XP to combine on to any Warrior, as well as Warrior Stones and potions. The more Warriors that we have in the game, the lower the chance of getting a Battle Twin.

    If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know.''
  • Do these idiots even read what's sent to them?
  • Probably not @bread_krum. My guess is they do CTRL + F (Command + F) on the email, see if it has the keywords "dupe", "battle twin", or "duplicate warrior", and then post a reply based on that.
  • @Kemical and after that the whole CTRL + C, and CTRL + P :trollface:
  • @bread_krum Don't forget the heartfelt reply that each and every one of them supposedly writes but accidentally hits CTRL + A + DEL.
  • Please could you provide the ticket number @crayo? I'm sorry that your query doesn't appear to have been looked into fully.
  • They gave me 150 WS @bread_krum and @Kemical , it's done @Eevee .
  • Wait, wait, wait, what?! 150 WS?? The most I've ever gotten is 2!
  • Wait what?? Omg that's awesome xD
  • Hahaha, when i got the gift I was surprised. Here is the link of the image : :smiley:
  • Ohhhhh I thought you meant Wild Stones! :joy:
  • Next time,use WRS as warrior stones please
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