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3 swords

I had a problem with the 3 swords !
When I finally got the 3 swords the game stopped working and I received the 3rd sword but I couldn't get a warrior ! And so now I cannot receive the new warrior :/
What can I do ?
Sorry for my horrible english, I hope you undestude my problem
  • That's not your fault, it's just a bug that happens to everyone with the last reward/window. Having the last sword in the last window is the worst bug in this game.

    Just send them a ticket.
  • Yes it was the last remard ! @23Timmy23 and how I send them a ticket ?
  • Use the 'option' icon (it's above 'shop' icon on the game screen) then choose 'contact help & support'. The game will generate all the neccessary data for you. Describe your issue (don't worry about your English, they'll understand and they know this bug very well) and wait for a compensation.

    Suggest them a warrior you'd like to get. Otherwise the'll give you 10ws for a Malik dupe from the DoE.
  • @Giovanni
    Sorry you've run into this issue! We'll be happy to reimburse you if you email us by following the steps laid out by 23Timmy23, but let us know if you have any issues figuring out how to send us a ticket!
  • Hello @Sinclair i've sended an email 4 days ago and they told me that they would resolve my problem in 48h but I'm still waiting ! What should I do ?
  • Hi Giovanni, could you provide your ticket number please? We'll check in to the status of it for you. You can find it in the subject of the auto-response you would have received; it's the first six digits we need and looks something like this 123456-1234567890. Thanks!
  • @Eevee unfortunately this bug is happening to me today as well. Last sword did not react at all. here my ticket number: 327609-1450944211
    Please help quickly thanks

  • @kiel918 I can see that you have now received a response from us. Please contact us by email if you have any further questions or concerns regarding your case.
  • @Lee_MC thx a lot for your quick respond. I received the reward and everything is fine for me. Merry Christmas
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