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Daily reward

Hello i can not open the door of epics. I have collect my 3 sword but i can not open the door plss help me.
  • Hey @HZTEB, please can you email us from within your game settings. If you took a screenshot and can attach it, that would be fantastic. We'll make sure you're gifted your reward :) I'm sorry you experienced this issue.
  • No problem thank you @Eevee
  • I have send a email from settings (contact help & support) If it is good then you have received the email. And thank so much for your cooperation @Eevee
  • @Eevee i wait and i wait but stil not get my free warrioes from the daily rewards. Plss fix this soon as possible
  • Instead of gifting the players maybe it's just about time to fix this annoying bug?
  • @23Timmy23 you're right and @Eevee i stil dont have it
  • Could you post the ticket number we sent you in the auto-reply email? I can look into the status of your ticket once you do.
  • Ticket number?
  • I i want just my free warrior from the daily rewards
  • When you email us (send a ticket), we send you an auto-reply with a ticket number assigned specifically to your email. I can use this number to see how soon your ticket will be answered in the queue. We usually answer all emails within 48 hours, but we have been receiving more emails than normal recently and there has been some delay in replying to some tickets. I apologize for this and appreciate your patience. We will definitely get you your deserved warrior as soon as possible.
  • Give the man(or woman! :smile: ) a LEGEND, @TheDave, lol
  • Sorry for my impatience @TheDave
  • I thank u what you do for my @TheDave
  • @TheDave there has been a month past my patience is running out when can ik get my free warrior
  • @HZTEB I am very sorry that you have not received a reply from us yet. Could you please provide us with your ticket number so we can check on the status of your case.

    You will find this number in the subject line of the automatic response you received after sending your email. If you are having trouble finding this email, please check your junk folder.
  • @Lee_MC i com from the netherland and my englis is not so good sorry to hear dad but what do you mean (the ticket number
  • @HZTEB The ticket number is in the subject line of the email response you received from us.

    If you have still not heard from us, could you please try sending us a new email? We should get back to you within 48 hours.
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