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I've been screwed twice by this bug

Why does combo rush, when used Against you, STILL not let you recover health? I had a stealth strike orenda, and a combo rush Alohi wreck me in a fight, and ANOTHER combo rush from a shaka! That seems a bit rigged to me
  • edited November 2015
    Whoa! So badly man...
    This bug happends to me also.
    You cant collect mana or hearts
  • But ofc if You use combo rush on someone it acts like any other skill...
  • Hey guys, can I get more info on this from you please?
    - Where were you when it was used?
    - Which Warrior used it?
    - Which Warriors were you battling with?

  • @Eevee - have you collected enough information to fix this yet or did you take it with you when you left MC? It was a "big" update and nothing has changed.
  • I was in the bathroom when it happend
  • it is crazy that they need to collect more information on combo rush when players have literally been complaining about it since it was first released. at this point i just figure that's the way combo rush is and will never change........
  • It is fine if there is no heart or mana collection with combo rush. But if that is the case, why does the arena defense get the collection?
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