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Arpad the Magyar Monarch

New warrior, New SM, New upgrade for me :)

Arpad the Magyar Monarch
SM : Shock Storm
Skill Path: Shell - Auotpot - Recharge

Im still finding teams to pair with him and still figuring out how to use his SM. So this time it's Arpad Battling some minions :) cant wait to try him out on arena.

Hope you enjoy the video dont forget to hit that like and subscribe.

Till the next video!!!
  • I haven't watched a video since a time but as I'm interested about him I will definitly watch this now
    Missed your videos man :)
  • Awesome! I wish I got him but I ended up in rank 12
  • well, in arena i think that he will require a good team and he will be very situational.
    IA and arena are really sm oriented so this sm doesn't seems so good to me.

  • Nice. Looking forward to him in Arena.
  • It seems like you only need to use his special once for it to stay active the whole time? Is that a correct assumption?

    I bet a boosted potion would make it very deadly. It reduces damage by a significant margin and does roughly 50% of his attack back to the opponent. I am going to try one portal fight with him and see how it works.

    Nice video!
  • @clc898 It has three charges per special move.
  • Great bug by the way. LOL
  • @kemical okay. i guess i noticed he just always looked charged no matter what the situation. You are referring to the bug that doesn't show the plus (+) between the physical and elemental damage right?
  • @clc898 I noticed that, but near the end of the video the bombard bug returns.
  • @clc898 yes i think his bugged i tried him on 50 meat portal and his shockstorm doesnt run out lol
  • edited October 2015
    sorry it does run out but if you hide him the charge is still there. still runs 3 turns and it does stack. when you get hit by the enemy SM it doesnt get used. the turn will be used if you get hit by NM
  • good information! so the stacking aspect is nice too. Wouldn't it be cool to use his special on your whole team? oh well. can't ask for too much.
  • I think he will pair well with a healer.. Clovis or Amadok should work well with him. His SM is to let other people hit, so he need a healer to keep his SM useful... Plus he got shell, so it will benefit from heal more.
  • Awesome as always :)
  • 3 fights and 3 lost. Paired with amadok, he lost 1vs1 against aka (yes, aka).
    In other fights he lost 1vs1 against manawa.
    In another one boris destroyed him before my alkan did his job cleaning any fire opponent.

    I really don't like this sm, really useless in arena where strong sm rulez
  • I find that 2 charges of Arpad's SM lasts him the whole fight. What I like about this SM (Shock Storm) is that the damage is calculated like counterblow: you take reduced damage and the opponent doesn't regenerate the damage done Via Shock Storm.
  • How has your battles with Arpad gone in the arena? @skip
  • @clc898 its actually going pretty good. been pairing him with zuu and any air warrior(i prefer with wu) and havent lost a battle. pretty exciting to use him on arena.
  • interesting okay. I just paired him with Anchaly and Sama for fun. They won but barely. I haven't pulled Zuu yet. What level have you gotten him to? Is he worth the upgrade? I would assume any 3+ AOE warrior is worth it.
  • edited October 2015
    @clc898 pretty high level now i might say. well im in a state where i upgrade all prize warriors i find it fun to play with these new SM's :). zu is definitely worth the upgrade 3pip aoe hes not as powerful as khut but he has the durability to last in fights.
  • @skip What skill path did you end up giving Zuu?
  • @bread_krum cause my ironhart is auto i decided to give zuu anti
  • I'm gonna give him SS. Decided the costs and benefits, and it seems that he's gonna be the second best earth BG next to Rodders in Arena. Should be the best everywhere else. I have a feeling that I'm gonna pull him from DoE with three swords—fingers crossed!
  • @kemical i am hoping for him over pacorus. @skip how is his HP pool? I am always hesitant to give elemental juggernauts anti because I don't see neutralize useful later on for them.
  • @clc898 I believe at 34 his HP is 822. Not very high—roughly Zahra levels.
  • @kemical thanks. i would agree with the auto path based on that and the high elemental attack. SS would be advantageous too. It would also help for diversification. Or hunter for fun? :)
  • This guy is the natural enemy of master fu and makito, a lv34 arpad can 1v1 lv40 up air counterblower easily, while collecting mana for teammates' SM at the same time.
  • @hupk stop replying to dead threads smh
  • @benisforawesome tomb sweeping day my friend
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