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Gajah Mada Battle the Arena

As always after winning the arena prize Im doing this series where I feature the prize warrior on 3 battles. This time its Gajah Mada. I can see a lot of players dont like him because of his skill path. Maybe Alkan is better but i dont have him. I really think he is good in arena.

I really hope the update has some new arenas but it doesnt. I would like to feature that :)

Gajah Madah 4-pip Frozen Crunch
Skill Path : Crit-Hunt-PE
Upgrade to 35 worthy? For me its a yes :)

I hope you enjoy this part of the series : Gajah Mada Battle the Arena

If you do enjoy the video please dont forget to like and subscribe :)

Till the next video!!!
  • Already said this on YouTube, but just for good measure....
    At 2:48 Gajah Mada actually goes down to 0 HP before you pick up the hearts! And even though Botheric dealt much more damage than you had HP left. Thanks, Mind Candy.
  • edited September 2015
    @_Maki. That's bodyguard from Rodrigo kicks in.
    Yes, I like Gaja too. He can usually kill fire warrior with 1 or 2 SM. serve the purpose.
  • Oh wow i didnt know ur on the forums skip. BTW ur like one of the few good WoW tubers left. Keep posting this good content!!!
  • @Username This is from September, 2015.
  • @Username this was a long time ago. Skip already left a few months back
  • Oh i thought he was waiting for he new company update lol. And new special warriors. Guess he just quit. RIP. We need a new wow tuber. #BENmakeAchannel!!!
  • Ha, I have a channel. But I don't want to play wow cuz my account got deleted
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