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Mc creative department

  • Omg this is so cool. Can I be in it? :)

    I wanna be Bagel_Krum, the Herpes Imperator :trollface:
  • I shall be: The Chaos King

    Please do me as Benkei though, not Badda
  • Cool dude! Thx! I am in love with the card
  • Where's Bagel Krum The Herpes Imperator?
  • @Bagel_Krum currently inflicting herpies on poor, unsuspecting villagers, his modeling session is soon though
  • Impressive
  • ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
  • Here's a new WOW reborn list of special moves.
    Yeah I have been gone for a quite while but now I'm back for more. I call these cards WOW reborn cards because I have been gone for a while and I haven't done anything here but now I'm back.
    Let's read through the list.
    Specials: Inferno, Frozen crunch, Tornado strike, Claw crush, Storm hammer, magnetic strike, frost strike, Power whack, Shiny sword, drain health, magic strike, root slice, enchance, fire storm, ice storm, tempest, Boulder bash, storm, nail rain, snow storm, asteroid, blinding arrows, purge, black bird assault, windy leaf, powered fists, earthquake, stealth strike, phantom strike, phantom shield, power break, armour break, stealth assault, vengeance, rolling thunder, stealth attack, team strike, thunder strike, switch strike, healing, regeneration, soul steal, berserk, mana stealer, poison, poison hive, poison dart, bombard, multi strike, sword blossom, mana charge, counter blow, surprise, combo rush, twister, stun strike, double strike, shock storm, water boost, net trap, quick assault, quick strike, chain sword, barrel roll, team soul steal, chained ground, fire boost, earth boost, air boost, thunder boost, light boost, dark boost, war boost, nature boost, metal boost, ice boost, magic boost, power boost, chaos boost, speed boost, pure boost, purify strike, shiny light.

    Fire, earth, air, water
    Thunder, metal, ice, war
    Light, dark, magic, nature
    Power chaos, speed, pure
    Elements are set up In strength and weakness order.
  • If you guys want to suggest a warrior, element or a special move, leave a comment here. In a month this suggestion must have 100 votes from ppl typing /vote (suggestion) for it to join my game.
  • image
    Tomahawk - throw a tomahawk at a random warrior and inflict bleed damage.
    War-increase elemental damage at 50% health
    Curse-has a chance to inflict bleed on enemy when attacked
    Last skill would be Tolerance- takes less bleed damage
    Don't want to take your idea @BossJames006 just thought it was cool maybe I can draw a couple warriors
  • This image won't work :(
  • edited July 2016
    Ppl can vote for this idea again 5 times in a day. Also the ppl who brought the idea cannot vote.
  • /vote+5
  • /vote +5
  • Revenge vote +11
  • I take that as a /vote+5 @rak
  • Thx for all the votes
    keep them coming lol
  • /vote +5
  • /vote +5
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