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  • Feel sorry for those players who spend a lot money and fail on this season.... :/
  • Thanks for the data, huge help. Best serious thread on the forum.
  • so where was the cut off?
  • We didn't just break the record...we obliterated it.
  • I am a little worried. I haven't been able to play because I am at work. I finished up last night somewhere a little over 63k and thought that would be plenty.
  • @delnatha cut off was minimum 63.2k for sure, or so i think
  • All Flash No Bang ~~~|---
  • Weird, said I finished 681. I must have had more points than I thought.
  • @datkidmvp Here ya go ;) Figured you want proof.

  • @ish__ juba was that low? Khu was over 58k
  • @ktrio730 yaaaaaayyyy now will you join **** ?
  • @ish__ Thanks for all your work! Seriously man, I looked forward to your posts every day. I put myself in the fire this and last season, so having the projections helped, but even when I'm in the top 50, it's still great to be able to track the trends and excitement level. I'm happy to see this game still has some jump in it!
  • @ktrio730 your wall
  • @ktrio730 Download ****, search world of warriors, and you should find us!
  • edited May 2015
    Well 65k turned out NOT to be the cutoff
  • @ish__ cya next season to give you more data points
  • @ish__

    Great job for your statistics analysis!

    Keep moving!
  • Quite disappointing by this time cannot get Benkei. I totally spend 14wildstone and get around 63~64K point place 712 one hour before season end. Because too tired fall into sleep and unable to monitor the status. Because that I fail to obtain Benkei.

    Then I went crazy and use my balance wild stone to open the door and also get battle twin for AKA.

    This season really fight extremely fierce but provided the are no cheat in between.

    My aim is not the Benkei is the good warrior must obtain but is the Japanese Warrior I am collecting. I already have Kuro, Makito, Sakuma and Katsumi. Regreting I left out this one Benkei.
  • @Alexkzc I'm sorry for that bro but at least you are not missing out that much. I was at position 930 20 minutes to go but I did three battles more and ended up at 600.
  • This battle was 15 minutes before the end... I think it illustrates the narrow window to the top 999. There were not that many people really in contention, but no one wanted to be left out at that point.



    Final battle position at 1:38 remaining.


  • I was position at 930 with 63000 ish points 20 minutes to end
  • Looks like only about 1100 people were in serious contention. I am going to use a second account to get to rank 1 next season (need to was anyway) and leave it there to see how many people are really getting to rank 1.

    Think it is a relatively small number that are actually competing for prize warriors. Kinda makes me worry about the sustainability of the game.
  • Why is this still active?
  • Why am I still here.......
  • Maybe you miss the extreme hype and haven't experienced it before over a year ago and decided to stay instead of moving on because the hype just keeps getting slower and slower @rak.

    What happened to all these great forumers!?
  • let the dead raise from the ashes and bring the cut off to 50,000+

    naaaaaa, i am lazy and happy with the current 19,000+ cut off.

    yet again.... am i one of the few that will be shut down force fully by game shut down? time will tell.
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