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CHO error


I have a CHO error and i can't play. I have sent a email but not response since 4 days. How fix it?

  • My ticket [173250-1416336322]
  • I have the same problem. What Should i do... My Ticket [176023-1416687732]
  • Don't think anything can happen in restoring your game except for removing the WoW app from accessing your facebook account. Do not unistall the WoW app. Once you remove the access just stick to playing on this device because otherwise everything will be knocked out. I am SOL after listening to another option to get back into it.

    I got this email from them today:

    I'm sorry to say that if the app has exhibited a CHO error upon facebook login that the account has been corruputed. At this time we can not fix the error in the saved information of the FB account. Your only option is to reinstall and select 'THIS SAVE' which will load your saved information from your device and not FB account where the bug in your account if being loaded.

    We will be addressing this problem in future updates but interacting with our facebook data is impossible. We have your account information and if your account is not restored to a sufficient state we may be able to assist you in advancing from where you left off.

    Best regards,

  • Still waiting for the support team to give me a reply after 1 week of waiting
  • Same problem for me. The CHO issue. What to do? I don't want to start from scratch.
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    @ skyfun999 and @Chatoes, Sorry about the delay some of you are having. I will make sure this ticket info is escalated for you so that you may get the advise needed. @cchard please can you contact and let them know what device you are using to play and also your in game ID and Facebook ID. Someone will be able to advise you further on this.

  • I'm getting the same error. I don't get how someone says just start the game without logging into facebook, when on my device, if you don't log into facebook, you can't play. So.... Maybe I'm missing something?
  • Support contact me and i can play with my save game.

  • @skyfun999 HOW DID THEY FIX THE CH0 ERROR? is your facebook working again and all your stuff is back to normal?
  • @Tazmoon can you escalate my ticket as well, I sent it is as soon as I got the CH0 error message. Thank you
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    @angelo all working and Warriors, stuff, xp are back.
  • @skyfung999 What is working if warriors, stuff, xp are gone. That's same as restarting from scratch.
  • My Ticket is 177255-1416873819, please check for me :((
  • @skyfun999 that's awesome, if my warriors came back, I got badda(I was 1st in my BL), and facebook worked again I would be happen. how did this happen? What did support do for you???
  • i do nothing, just received this mail.

    ¨Hey there,

    Thank you for your email.

    We're sincerely sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have received a high volume of emails which we are working hard to respond to as soon as possible.

    We have now unblocked your account. When you load the game again everything should be working as normal :)

    Please let me know if there's anything more we can do to help.

    All the best,

  • I login with facebook on device ios 8.1.1 and get error CHO. What should I do
  • @milovehu1992 post a new discussion with your problem in help and support topic with your ticket number and contact Mindcandy with emails about your problem and they will fix that for
  • @karamelakimo I have many heros. I can get file saved game or play new game :(
  • @milovehu1992 contact them with email and wait for reply and you will have your account back again within short time with all warriors .. don't worry , unless you did something like hack!!
  • @karamelakimo I tested deleted game and download & install new game and copy file saved but not working. I have sent email to They say me wait 48 hours. but what I have to offer to retrieve information
  • @milovehu1992 well I think you should first connect your game with the account of facebook you played on before and wait till they reply nothing more to do

    now wait as they said to you
  • @karamelakimo I played new game lv 1 and test login facebook. I get error CHO :(
  • @milovehu1992 If you want your account and warriors back you have to wait till they respond , so just wait....
    It will take almost one day
  • We are @ 1 week time lapse...

    I had CHO Error.

    Tryed to unblock the account once without success.

    I lost everything. 138 Warriors. 4 Divine Warriors.
    More than 50 warriors > lvl34
    50 @ level 34;
    2650 and more Honor Stones.
    58 red stones.
    400.000 gold coin

    lvl 8 VIP (Started 3 or 4 years ago)
    More than 3000 euro spent. Lot of gameplay time.

    Did a real complaint becouse I still hadnt back my Account

    Please Help.
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