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ERBOH(Epic Rap Battles of History)

edited May 2015 in General Chat
I think do to the fact that this game is techically based on some history, maybe there should be a rap faceoff for each of the warriors, but if you guys think this is stupid, I understand, Im just a kid with childish wishes
  • You have alot of fantasy.....keep that forever......Im a grown up and I have childish wishes.......I would like to see them in a danceoff.......but raps great too.....
  • @alan That would be so cool, the Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube are great!
  • Would definetely be awesome, great idea!
  • @rak or that of course
  • edited May 2015
    My name is Zahra
    My skills can take ya Far-tha(r)
    My switch strike can stack
    Other WOW Girls are just whack
    My damage will make you say "whoa!"
    Other warriors just blow
    Make your team with me
    And all your enemies will flee

    Ok I know its awful, Im a warrior, not a rapper :P
  • @JagBeast *claps hands* Such a good rap you make! (Although I don't even bother to listen to rap music.) ^~^
  • @AMFromGM That's awesome!
  • edited July 2015
    My name is Zazan, and Otto's my boy.
    Agrippa's a mad dog and you're his chew toy!
    Come at us with knives and swords like a villain.
    He'll throw out his hives and you'll really start ill'ng.
    Can't break through my wall. Can't get pass my shields.
    A mace through your gut and we'll clear all the fields
    Of your carcass; of your faces; of your presence; of your stink.
    The battle is over before you can think
    Of the death trap your in. Or who you can blame.
    For the pain rained upon you. You know we will win.
    So break yourself upon us and and try with all your might.
    To pretend to be warriors. To pretend you can fight.
    You're just fooling yourselves. Go cry to your mama.
    Or bow down on your knees and save us all the drama.
    His name is Otto and Agrippa's the man.
    Your @ss just got spanked cuz I am Zazan!
  • @PoZiTe I have more if you want. One with Wallace and one with Joan.
  • edited July 2015
    Sp@nk is a banned word?
    Mind Candy is seriously straight laced.
  • @minh_74 what else would you expect when Wang talk was all the rage?! Lol
  • Badda Badda Boom Crockett
    Badda Badda Boom Crockett
    Badda Badda Boom Crockett
    Badda Badda Boom Crockett

    Hear that sound?
    That's your death bell knelling,
    Cover your eyes, cuz here comes the shelling.
    A meteor swarm aimed right at your head.
    Do what you like. We'll paint the ground red
    With your blood, with your guts.
    Your dreams are a crumbling.
    Curl up in fetal position and start mumbling,
    "Oh! Please Mr Ironheart. Show us some mercy"
    Me? I'm a bad man. But Badda he's worse. See
    He's immortal. 10000 with the power of the earth.
    Bathing in your blood is his means of rebirth.
    Hide all you like. Crockett's gonna find ya.
    Fish out your a$$ and show you your spine. Your
    Gutless and witless. A waste of our time.
    We've already beaten ya with nothing but rhyme.

    Badda Badda Boom Crockett
    Badda Badda Boom Crockett
    Badda Badda Boom Crockett
    Badda Badda Boom Crockett
  • looks like no one wants to rap battle with me.
    that means that I WIN!
  • edited July 2015
    I challenge you to a rap battle! @minh_74

    So you think your that hard guy
    But your just going bye bye
    You think your smart
    But your still at the start
    I'm finishing you off, one by one
    You should just run
    I got Tibby by my side
    About to blow your backside
    Fire boosting me up
    Making you a death cup
    My inferno will burn you
    And the rest of your crew
    I am Volten they say
    And there all my pray
    Including you
    Because your about to be beef stew
    "You suc.k!"
    And that's your queue.
  • Your flow's as smooth as a crocodile's back.
    Your funk's as strong as a heart attack.
    Glow and burn all you want, you fools
    Cuz Kwan and I will take you to school.
    I'm Leon!
    you peon.
    Your master,
    your doom.
    Your only
    a trophy
    in my living room.
    And where's your back up? the third wheel with the brain?
    oh forget it. I see him. He's cowering again.
    Ravi gonna find him and show him the light.
    with extra holes in his head, he'll have second sight.
    So step off
    and back down
    if you want to keep your skin.
    we don't play no games.
    we fight to win.
  • edited July 2015
    Your wasting all my time
    With your pathetic rhymes.
    Let me finish this rap off
    Just go and scoff
    I see you trembling
    And I'm just strengthening
    Your screwed, just face it
    You'll die in a pit
    Wulf is too sneaky
    Stealth Striking you till you go adieu
    You can't defend from my Khutulun
    She's too good for you
    She will obliterate you
    Don't forget about Spurius
    He is too furious
    So much that you can't handle it
    You'll just run away and hide
    Until you can die
  • Spurius, Khutulun and Wulf' all you got?
    I'm sorry but they're facing a team that's red hot.
    Mohinder, and Boris and Unk is smoking
    Your @ss. is the grass of choice they're toking.
    Bring the rocks. Bring the shots. Bring whatever you've got.
    Just make sure you bring enough medic's cots.
    Otherwise once we're through
    With nothing left to prove,
    we'll bury you and your little dog too.
    Though there's earth all around you, don't think that your safe.
    With Unk around there's no safe hiding place.
    He's a caveman,
    a hunter,
    a predator its true.
    if your not careful, he's a cannibal too.
    We'll end this rhyme now you insignificant ants.
    Cuz we can all clearly see, you all need drier pants.
  • god **** that was a good rap battle @minh_74

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